Thursday, 9 June 2016

Life Update #2: New Ideas for the Summer

Where to has been pretty hectic lately. I've been feeling really overwhelmed, because I have so many ideas and creative things I want to start, but don't know where to begin- or even find the time to begin. I know it might seem that I have been neglecting my blog a bit, but the truth is, I have a lot of exciting projects coming up. I just needed to push myself past the anxiety and the self discouragement, and now I am so eager to create. I started taking things a bit more seriously. I got a digital drawing tablet, new adobe software (thanks Allan!) and a new iMac because my little Macbook would not be able to handle all of these new projects. Next up is a camera and microphone, but unfortunately when you're a working student, you don't have the luxury of spending all your hard earned money right away.

During the next couple of months, I'm going to be working toward rebranding my blog a bit. I want to switch over to a new host, and make things a bit more pretty. I'll also be changing the title of my blog,  and domain, so expect that. I'll let everybody know ahead of time to what it'll be changing to. Still the same content, just a bit more professional. The other projects are a surprise. They are all creative outlets for me, and include collaborations with some very interesting people. I've also been making some graphics for some of my fellow young creators.

Overall, my summer has been great. Minus the exhaustion of working full time, I've been spending most days with family which has been really nice. My mental health has been pretty up and down, I thought once finishing the semester I'd feel better, but it turns out I was even more stressed when I started work. Now that I have a clear vision of what I want for the future, things have been better. I learned to be a bit less cautious, and take chances. You never know where your small ideas can take you.

When I'm not posting here, you can find me at TranQool writing posts about mental illness. They have also set up a new ambassadors page, if you are a student in Toronto and are interested in supporting this amazing company.

Thank you for taking the time to read another life update, and come back for a new post next week!

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  1. It sounds as though you've been really busy Megan, which is good to hear as it means you've been pushing through some of your anxiety! :) I hope your upcoming projects go really well, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your 'blog refresh'.