Friday, 15 April 2016


I looked back to see when I showed my first blog post to the public, just out of curiosity, and realized that on April 7th 2015, was when I built up the confidence to share my blog, and finally start doing something I was scared of, but wanted to do for a very long time. I missed my Blogiversary!

I did not want to share my blog when I first started it. I was scared of what people would think, and I was terrified of putting myself out there. Suffering with anxiety really made me stop doing what I really wanted to do. It was Lynn, my amazing aunt who first pushed me to share my blog on Facebook, and start up a page for myself. Thanks so much, Lynn! 

I also want to thank my amazing boyfriend, Karl. There have been times I got extremely anxious and thought I wanted to stop blogging all together. I'm grateful I have him there to say "you're being ridiculous, you love blogging, shut up"  whenever I have the urge to delete all of my posts.

It was when I published my first post on my anxiety when I got an overwhelming amount of feedback (in the best way possible). The amount of personal messages and comments I got, amazed me. That's when I realized that I can use this platform to help people. I want to continue to write about mental illness, but also many other things that will inspire, and comfort people who take the time to read. I started this blog as a hobby, but then it kind of turned into something so much more. I have family in different countries who I haven't even met before, but connected with through some of my posts. That itself really made me happy I started blogging. My public relations program has also taught me a lot about writing, which has made a huge improvement on some of my posts.

I guess what I want to say, is thank you. Thank you for sharing, thank you for commenting, and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. But most importantly, thank you to everyone who has sent me a personal message regarding my blog. Honestly, the amazing feedback is the best feeling in the world. I also have inspired some friends to start blogging, which is also kind of nice.

One year later, a lot of blog designs from being awful to amazing, and some new blogger friends. Thank you for sticking with me.


  1. Happy blogiversary Megan! It's so great that this experience has been so positive for you!

  2. Happy blogging anniversary - One year is such a great milestone. It's like, if you have done it for a year you can keep it up!
    Good luck for the next year


    Lizzie | Garland Girl

  3. amazing ! happy day !
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  4. A huge congratulations on reaching your first year of blogging - time to celebrate!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. Happy blogging anniversary, I just celebrated mine last week! It's such an achievement, I'm looking forward to reading many more of your future posts! x

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Happy blogging anniversary to you also! Thanks so much x

  6. Happy 1 year of blogging :) I missed my 6th year anniversary the other day... woops LOL! You think I would have it down pat by now haha

    Fran x

    1. Ah, well congrats on 6 years! Haha, thank you xo

  7. Congrats on hitting one year! Looking forward to reading many more posts xx

  8. Happy Blogiversary! It's always amazing to see how much you've accomplished. May there be many more blog posts to come. =)

    Melanie | The Mel Division

  9. Happy Blogiversary!!! Hope you have a great week x

    Edye //